ebisu muscats

Ebisu Muscats


(恵比寿マスカッツ Ebisu Masukattsu) is the name of a series of J-POP groups mainly consisting of Japanese gravure idols and AV idols, under the Pony Canyon record label. The original group was established in 2008 as part of the TV Tokyo's variety show Onegai!


Muscat (おねがい マスカット) which first aired in April 2008. Their first single, released in 2010, reached number 8 in sales on Oricon's singles chart. They held their first live show in July 2010 in Shibuya, Tokyo.





SAMERO (Leader, Pink)
Ichigo Yukimi (Yellow)
Marii Uehara (Purple)

Amatsusora, meaning "sky" in Japanese, is a new three-member idol unit from Japan. Get ready to see this idol trio take over the stage with their divine music!

"Amatsusora is the high sky,
Amatsusora is the world of heaven,
Get Amatsusora, our name is Amatsusora."





Real Name: Maeda Hirotoshi TJ

Languages: Japanese, English, Tagalog (Filipino), Chinese

Birthplace: Manila, Philippines (half Filipino - half Japanese)

Skill: Singing and Dancing



Yomiuri TV (Nippon TV series) "Miyaneya" ending theme

Yomiuri TV (Nippon TV series) "Himitsu no Kenmin SHOW" ending theme

Yomiuri TV “Otojikara” Ending Theme

Yomiuri TV "Sumomo Momo! Peach CAFÉ" Ending Theme

Iwate Menkoi TV “Petonyx” Opening Theme




TV Iwate “24 Hours TV” (2016)

Music Station Kanjyani Eight "Naniwa Iroha Bushi"

BS Junior Nodo jiman



“Tofu no Kado ni Atamabutsukete Ikiru” (Handsome Bakery seller / 2017)

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MNL 48


MNL48 is an all-girl group that started in the Philippines. The group consists of 48 members from Senbatsu (Rank 1-16), Under Girls (Rank 17-32), and Next Girls (Rank 33-48). They made their debut in 2018 with their 1st single titled, “Aitakatta – Gustong Makita” that topped the music charts and hit more than 1 million views on YouTube channel.


Going on their second year, a new set of Senbatsu was formed and just released their 4th and latest single, “Ikaw Ang Melody”. Continuous mall shows, radio and TV guestings are set in the coming months for their promotion of their new single.


Along with their new single, the group will also release a mobile game for their fans, another big concert, and international participations with their sister groups.


MNL48 is also looking forward to the upcoming Japanese film adaptation “Seikimatsu Blue” starring MNL48 Abby, Brei, Coleen, and Kay to be released this year.










Formed in December 2011, The J-pop Idol group ‘1-Girls’ consists of five members who were selected from a children dance school.
The members have been doing dance training but they didn’t appear in any dance contest until they joined for the first time and won the first concert without any difficulty.
Currently, the group has three studios in Kagoshima where they attend and do intense daily trainings.
There is also the 10km marathon training camp that they go to which is known to produce the best dancers in Japan.
The group is loved by the people in Kagoshima prefecture and appeared in many events however, they are just a local group and local girls, trying to be the idol group everyone will love in Japan. They then decided to do their best to be able to achieve their dreams but with dance school as their only source of training, some members graduated and decided to quit.
In 2016, 1-Girls and the school teamed up to enhance the function of production to be able to seriously perform in various entertainment activities. At this time, there are members that appeared in dramas, movies, commercials and magazines. Surprisingly, the fans are greatly increasing not just in Kagoshima but also in Fukuoka and Osaka.
Last August 2018, 1-Girls performed in Tokyo and gained great success.




“GracoRex” is a unit of gravure idol born from the social game app “Grakole”.

The unit name came from the combination of the game “Gradle Collection” and the word “T-Rex” — a unit name which meant to be a monster unit that will become famous in the world.

“Graco Rex Neo” is a combination of the group “Neomary” produced by Yuki Chika and “Graco Rex”.
Each member has a concept of various dinosaurs that also matches their new costume designs which will
change direction from sexy line of gravure idol to dinosaur line for children, and will challenge and be
famous in 2019.
Chika Yuki – Triceratops
Ayane Yazaki – Brachiosaurus
Manatsu Aikawa – Ankylosaurus
MIU Sakurai – Pteranodon

Comedian X-GUN Masahiro Sagane is the producer of the group. His concept is a “Nurturing Dinosaur
idols” that can be enjoyed both by children and adults with skills not just in singing and dancing but also
in talking.



Birthday: June 16, 1998
Height: 158cm
BWH: 88, 58, 89
Hobbies: Music, gaming, reading, watching anime
Talents: Riding a unicycle, illustrating, karate

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Birth place: Osaka
Height: 156 Weight: 48
BWHS: 85 68 88 24.5
- She performed and sang inserted tracks from the movie, SEIKIMATSU BLUE.

She is also a new member of an Idol group, “AMATSUSORA”.

Twitter: @sayamero0404




Idol group Fairytales from Nagoya, Japan has everyone excited as these great and powerful idols will liven up the venue with their cute yet cool and rock sounds!

Official website:

Twitter: @idol_fairytales